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Contact address:

The Motion Partner GmbH

Baarerstrasse 14, CH-6300 Zug


Phone: +41 41 541 02 29


Commercial register

Registered company name: The Motion Partner GmbH

Number: CH-



The authors of and also the responsible persons of the The Motion Partner GmbH (following titled “we”) take absolutely no warrant considering the substantial validity, accuracy, actuality, reliability and thoroughness of information.

Warranty demands against The Motion Partner GmbH due to damages of material or immaterial kind, which resulted through access or usage resp. non-usage of published information, through abuse of the connection, or through technical malfunctions will be excluded.

All offers are non-binding. The Motion Partner GmbH reserves the explicit right to subject parts of the pages or the complete offer without specific notice to change, deletion, or to partially or completely cease its publication.


Disclaimer for Links

Referrals and links to third party websites lie outside our area of responsibility. Any kind of responsibility for such websites is rejected. The access and the usage of such websites take place at the users own risk.



The copy- and all other rights on contents, pictures, photos, or other data on the website belong explicitly to The Motion Partner GmbH or the specified holder of rights. For the reproduction of any kind of elements, a written agreement of the copy-right holder is needed in advance.



All images used on this website are licence-free from the website or belong to the website operator.




The Motion Partner GmbH (or “we”) places much value in protecting your Data and securing your privacy. In the following privacy policy we outline how we treat your personal data when supporting you during a collaboration, maintaining a relation after we have found e.g. a position for you, rendered a service resp. you have rendered a services to us, or when we ask you for your support in connection with one of our candidates, or when you visit our website.


This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of visitors to our website ( / ("Website") and subdomains in the format, our mandate agreement, our General Terms and Conditions and thus also to candidates, clients and other persons we may contact to learn more about our candidates.

1. Contact

We are available to you in case of questions or notifications concerning your personal data. You can reach us at:

The Motion Partner GmbH

Baarerstrasse 14

6300 Zug


2. Agreement for the processing of personal data especially deserving of protection

Personal data especially deserving of protection underlie more severe data protection law principles. Therefore we require your definite consent to be able to use these. We ask for your consent in advance. This means, that you must explicitly and distinctly inform us of your consent that we process this personal data. This will take place by means of an informed consent, which the candidates will receive electronically after submitting your dossier. The processing of these personal data especially deserving of protection takes place only after receiving your informed consent.

Personal data which we considered especially deserving of protection is for example your entire candidate profile, as well as individual information, which based on your privacy must be treated with more sensitivity, for example your résumé, educations, certificates, diplomas, career experiences, references, skills, hobbies, emergency contacts, residential status, or financial and solvency data.

Above that the legally defined categories of personal data especially deserving of protection apply, provided that we collect or receive these from you, thus for example data which conclude to the racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or ideological convictions, or labor union affiliation, as well as genetic data, biometric data for distinct identification, health data, or data about one’s sexual life, sexual origins and also data about criminal convictions and criminal offences.

Personal data especially deserving of protection will only be collected by The Motion Partner GmbH with your explicit consent and directly from you.


3. Processing of Personal Data

3.1 Personal data through the website

We collect for the purpose of your visit on our website and in the case of a request on your part exclusively the following data:

  • All information, which you explicitly for the purpose of a request have given to us (name, address, age, gender, contact data, etc.)

  • IP address and referrer URL (the previous web page visited)

  • Used browser version and browser type

  • Date & time of the visit resp. your request

  • Operating system and provider

The cookies that we use on our website can be found at the end of this Privacy Policy under "Cookies".We do not engage in profiling on our website in the sense of automated processing of personal data which consists of using your personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects (e.g. to analyse or predict your work performance, financial situation, health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behaviour, residence or change of location), and only collect and process particularly sensitive personal data (e.g. regarding religious, political or ideological views, health status, etc.) in exceptional cases and if so limited to contractual or legal obligations.


3.2 Personal data of candidates

We only ask for information that helps us to place you better and more efficiently on the one hand, or that arises in the context of a customer order. This includes general personal data, but also personal data that is to be classified as particularly sensitive data.


3.3 Customer personal data

If you are a customer of The Motion Partner, we need to collect and process personal data about you or individuals within your organization in order to provide services to you.


As a rule, we only need your contact details or the contact details of individual contacts within your organization (such as their names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) to ensure a smooth business relationship.


3.4 Personal data of persons provided by candidates, clients or employees for further information.

We only ask for very basic personal data so that we can contact you for a reference or because you have been provided as a contact by one of our candidates or employees.


To ask someone for a reference, we need the personal details of the reference contact (such as name, email address and telephone number). We also need these details if our candidate or one of our employees has indicated you as an emergency contact, so that we can notify you in the event of an accident or emergency.

To ask someone for a reference, we need the personal data of the contact person to provide us with references (such as name, e-mail address and telephone number). We also need these details if our candidate or one of our employees has listed you as an emergency contact so that we can notify you in the event of an accident or emergency.


4. Usage of personal data 

The processing of your personal data takes solely place in a factual context to the initiation, maintenance and processing:

a) a request you have made

b) a customer mandate

c) placement of a job or

d) for internal statistical purposes


5. Issuance to third parties

The processing of your personal data on the website takes place exclusively in the professional context of a request you have made, for error correction or improvement of our website or our internal data processing tools and for internal statistical purposes.


Your data will not be passed on to third parties without your express consent. Exceptions to this are our service partners that we need to process a contractual relationship (e.g. financial institutes for processing payments, postal and courier services or shipping companies for sending materials, cloud services for providing and ensuring the digital infrastructure, etc.). In these cases, we strictly observe the requirements of the applicable data protection laws. The scope of the data transfer is limited to a minimum.


We will only consider the use of service partners in countries other than Switzerland or the Member States of the European Economic Area if the country in question either has an equivalent level of data protection according to the list of countries of the Federal Council or we can contractually ensure the equivalence of the level of protection (e.g. through contracts or the conclusion of so-called standard contractual clauses).


6. Messages, notifications and updates

6.1 Communication for advertising purposes

We possibly send you over various communication channels, such as email, sms, pop ups, push notifications and messaging applications, marketing contents to our website, services and products, as well as to products, which we offer collectively with our partners and to products and services of third parties. You can unsubscribe by following the instructions, which are included in the notifications that you receive from us. Furthermore you can renounce the delivery of advertisement with effect on the future at any time by sending us a message to

6.2 Communication for information and other purposes:

We send you messages, which are required or necessary for all customers, notifications which include important information and other messages, which you request from us. These messages can not be unsubscribed. However, you can possibly adjust the media and the format, through which you receive the notifications.


7. Cookies

a. General information about cookies


Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are stored on your computer or mobile device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet) when you use our services. A cookie usually contains the name of the website/application it came from, the duration of the cookie (i.e. how long the cookie will remain on your device) and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.


We use cookies to make our services more user-friendly and to tailor our services and products to your interests and needs. Cookies are able to do this because our services can read these files. This enables our services to recognise you and remember important information that makes your use of our services more user-friendly (e.g. by remembering preference settings). Cookies may also be used to help speed up your future activities and user experience with our services. We also use cookies to compile anonymous aggregated statistics that enable us to understand how users use our services and help us to improve the structure and content of our digital media.


The maximum storage time of cookies after their initial placement on the user’s device is set as required by the applicable law.


b. Cookie types


The types of cookies we use are session cookies, persistent cookies, first-party cookies and third-party cookies.


Persistent cookies are used to store your login information and remember your settings for future logins to our services. A persistent cookie is a cookie that is stored as a file on your computer and remains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read by the services that created it when you visit those services again.


Session ID cookies are used to enable certain features of our services, to better understand how you interact with our services and to monitor aggregated user data and web traffic routing. Unlike persistent cookies, session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser. Session ID cookies usually store an anonymous session identifier on your computer that allows you to use a service without having to log in each time you click.


First-party cookies are our own cookies that we use to improve your user experience. They are linked to a user’s personal information. Third parties do not have access to the information we collect through our own cookies.


Third-party cookies are cookies placed within our services by third-party companies to provide services, including advertising cookies. Third-party companies place third-party cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit our services to enable those third-party companies to perform the services they provide. In addition to the information in this Privacy Policy, further information about these third-party cookies can be found in the privacy policies of these third-party companies.


Below is a list of the different types of cookies we use in our services.


c. Essential cookies


Essential cookies are cookies that are absolutely necessary for our services to work and to use their functions. Without such strictly necessary cookies, our services would not function as smoothly as you would like and we may not be able to provide the website or certain services or functions that you request.


We also use technical cookies for customization and personalization purposes that allow our services to remember options and settings you have selected (e.g. your user name, language or the region you are in). These cookies do not collect information about you that is used for advertising purposes, nor do they remember which web pages you have visited.


The following first-party cookies are placed by us (all persistent cookies):


Device identifier cookie: We install cookies on your computer that recognize you and tell the website or service that you are logged in.


User local cookie: We install cookies that are used to remember certain local options you have selected, such as language settings.


Privacy visibility cookies: We install cookies on your computer that show whether you have been informed by a displayed banner message about the use of cookies and the handling of your data and your rights in relation to your data; they also indicate whether you have given your consent to the use of cookies so that the banner does not reappear each time you visit a web page.


These cookies are necessary for the operation of our services and therefore you cannot object to the use of these cookies.


d. Analytical cookies and cookies for marketing, profiling and retargeting


Google Analytics (persistent third-party cookies)


The Google Analytics service is used to analyse the usage behaviour of our website. Our legitimate interest lies in analysing, optimising and economically operating our website. 


Usage and user-related information that we collect includes e.g. IP address, location, time or frequency of visits to our website. We have opted to use the IP masking feature when using Google tools. This additional function truncates the last digits of your IP address before it is actually stored on the Google servers. As a result, it is still possible to properly use the technical and analytical Google services but you are no longer fully traceable and thus have a higher degree of anonymity with regard to your browsing behaviour than without IP masking.


We also use the remarketing function which is one of the features of Google Analytics. This allows us to display personalised advertising to you on appropriate advertising spaces on other websites based on what interests you have shown on our website. This capability is limited to a maximum of 18 months. Retargeting allows us to display advertising that is as relevant to you as possible and to measure the effectiveness and reach of the advertising as well as to check the billing of our advertising partners for displayed campaigns.


The data collected in this way is used in turn by Google to provide us with an analysis of visits to our website and the corresponding usage activities. This data may also be used to provide other services in connection with the use of our website and the use of the Internet.


Google states that it does not associate your IP address with any other data. Google provides further data privacy information at, including information on how to prevent use of your data.


In addition, Google offers a so-called opt-out browser add-on at together with further information about this. This add-on can be installed with most commonly used Internet browsers and offers you further control options regarding the data that Google collects when you access our website. The add-on tells the JavaScript (ga.js) used by Google Analytics that information about your visit to our website should not be transmitted to Google Analytics. However, this does not prevent information from being transmitted to us or to other web analytics services. This Privacy Policy also states whether we use any other web analytics services and if so which ones.


Alternatively, you can disable future analysis of your website visit by Google Analytics by clicking on the following link. By clicking on the link, a so-called "opt-out cookie" will be set that will prevent your web page visit on our website from being analysed in future:


<a onclick="alert('Google Analytics wurde deaktiviert');" href="javascript:gaOptout()">Google Analytics deaktivieren</a>


Please note that if you delete the cookies in your browser settings, this may result in the opt-out cookie also being deleted and you may have to reactivate it again.


Google will not link your IP address with other data held by Google under any circumstances. You can prevent the installation of cookies. To do this, you must select the option to block cookies in your browser settings. Please note that in this case you may be unable to use all of the functions of this website to the full extent. By using this website, you consent to the processing of data relating to you by Google in the manner and for the purposes set out above.


Google AdWords with conversion tracking (persistent third-party cookies)


We use conversion tracking for the purposes of targeted advertising of our offering. Our legitimate interest lies in analysing, optimising and economically operating our website.


If you click on an advert placed by Google, the conversion tracking we use stores a cookie on your device. These so-called conversion cookies expire after 30 days and do not serve to identify you personally. If the cookie is still valid and you visit a specific page of our website, both we and Google can analyse the fact that you clicked on one of our adverts placed on Google and that you have subsequently been redirected to our website.

Through the information collected in this way, Google provides us with statistics about your visit to our website. This also provides us with information about the number of users who have clicked on our advert(s) and on the pages of our website that were subsequently accessed. However, neither we nor third parties who also use Google AdWords will be able to identify you in this way.

Further information and Google's privacy policy can be found at:

8. Transfer of personal data

The transmission of data entered via the contact form from your computer to the server is encrypted. The data entered in the contact form is not stored on your computer (no cookie or similar). Despite encryption, absolute security is not possible. The server forwards your data entered in the contact form by e-mail for processing. These e-mails are not encrypted. The use of e-mails is not technically secure; it may happen that e-mails are not delivered. When e-mails are transmitted, they may leave national borders, even if the sender and recipient are in Germany. The confidentiality of e-mails cannot be guaranteed if encryption is missing or insufficient. Unencrypted e-mails are therefore not suitable for sending confidential information.


By using the contact form or sending an e-mail, you consent to communication via e-mail with knowledge of the risks described. The use of encrypted or otherwise secured communication channels must be agreed with us in advance.

9. Reference, Revision, Transmission

You are at any time entitled to gratuitous information about your stored data, as well as the right to revision. Please contact us concerning this. You find our contact data under numeral 1 of this privacy policy. 

You also have the right to request the transmission of your electronically held personal data to another data controller free of charge. Please note, however, that we cannot adapt your data to any special format requirements of another data controller and under no circumstances will we transmit your business history or passwords.

10. Storage of personal data

Our website is hosted by 

To manage your documents cleanly and securely, we use the software of Starhunter GmbH (Erika-Mann-Str. 34 - 80636 Munich Germany).

By sending us your application and accepting the privacy policy, you agree to the storage and processing of your data. 

11. Period of retention

We only store your data as long as is legally necessary or required for processing purposes. When conducting analyses, we store your data until the analysis is completed. If we store data on the basis of a contractual relationship with you, this data will remain stored at least as long as the contractual relationship exists and no longer than the duration of the limitation periods for possible claims by us or any statutory or contractual retention obligations exist. As a rule, the retention period is no longer than 10 years (calculated from the termination of the contractual or de facto relationship with you).

12. Revocation and deletion

You may withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy at any time, in whole or in part, or for specific uses or against specific parties and request deletion of your Personal Data. Please contact us for this purpose. You will find our contact details under Section 1 of this Privacy Policy.


Your personal data will be automatically deleted after 5 years, unless there is a contractual relationship or a legal obligation that would justify or require the storage or processing of personal data. To ensure that your personal data is up-to-date and correct, we update your personal data every 2 years by contacting you.


If a contractual relationship is still pending at the time of receipt of your withdrawal of consent and deletion request, your personal data will continue to be processed until the contract has been fully processed. Your withdrawal of consent under data protection law expressly has no influence on the processing of existing contractual relationships and is not considered an extraordinary reason for termination.


In the event of a deletion request, we will delete your personal data. Please note, however, that we are required by commercial and tax law to retain accounting records for at least 10 financial years. We can therefore neither delete nor process the personal data contained in these documents. Your deletion request is therefore only valid for future processing and only for personal data that we process exclusively on the basis of your consent and not due to a legal requirement. We also reserve the right to comply with any statutory retention requirements.

Following the entry into force of the revised DSG (federal law on data protection in Switzerland (1.9.2023), you have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority at the registered office of the controller if you believe that we have violated a provision of the DSG. 


The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner ( is responsible for complaints from data subjects.


13. Adaptations of this privacy policy

Adjustments to this privacy policy apply from the date of issue of their publication on our website. The processing of personal data, which were gathered by an older version of this privacy policy, ensues according to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and to inform customers of the changes in an appropriate manner.


Status: September 2023

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